The Beati Can­to­res Cho­ir was esta­bli­shed in Sep­tem­ber 1985 at the parish of Our Holy Lady, Queen of Poland in Gło­gów. Sin­ce July 2000 the Cho­ir acts as Sto­wa­rzy­sze­nie Chór Beati Can­to­res [The Beati Can­to­res Cho­ir Asso­cia­tion]. Mr. Tade­usz Kolań­czyk has been the pre­si­dent of board of direc­tors of the Asso­cia­tion sin­ce the very begin­ning. Along with the oldest tra­di­tion, the Cho­ir per­forms sacral music works of vario­us epochs com­po­sed by clas­si­cal and con­tem­po­ra­ry com­po­sers as well as pop, folk and patrio­tic music with accom­pa­ni­ment of solo­ists, instru­men­ta­li­sts and music bands.

The Asso­cia­tion cyc­li­cal­ly orga­ni­zes occa­sio­nal con­certs, e.g. con­certs of Pas­sion, Marian, patrio­tic music and Chri­st­mas carols. The Asso­cia­tion lends luster to impor­tant muni­ci­pal and coun­ty events eve­ry year. In the years 1998–2005, the Cho­ir was the orga­ni­zer of the Cho­ir Meetings in the Castle which in 2006 tur­ned into a bi-annu­al con­test as the SILESIA CANTAT All-Poland Festi­val of Cho­irs.

The ensem­ble made nume­ro­us trips abro­ad. The gave con­certs in Ger­ma­ny eight times, i.e. in Lan­gen­ha­gen, Eisen­hu­et­ten­stadt and in Rie­sa which are twin-towns of Gło­gów, in Han­no­ver and in Kro­nach (Bay­ern) as well as in Austria, the Czech Repu­blic and in Ita­ly whe­re they gave con­certs in Rome, Veni­ce, Loret­to and Assi­si. In 2004, the Cho­ir had a con­cert tour in Lithu­ania whe­re they gave con­certs in Vil­nius, Kau­nas and Eišiškės, and in 2013 they per­for­med in Ukra­ine — in Lviv and Kamia­nets-Podil­skyi.

The most impor­tant events in which our Cho­ir par­ti­ci­pa­ted inc­lu­de, for exam­ple, per­for­man­ce during the visit of John Paul II in Gorzów Wiel­ko­pol­ski (1997), Inter­na­tio­nal Kul­tur­fe­sti­val in Lan­gen­ha­gen (1995 and 2000), per­for­man­ce in the Polish Pavi­lion during the World Fair Expo 2000 in Han­no­ver, ope­ning cere­mo­ny of the recon­struc­ted Gło­gów Town Hall (2002), Euro­pe­an Days of Music on the 1000th anni­ver­sa­ry of foun­ding of the Town of Kro­nach (2003) and the cele­bra­tion of the 900th anni­ver­sa­ry of the Defen­se of Gło­gów (2009).

The Beati Can­to­res Cho­ir takes part in many festi­vals and con­te­sts in which they win pri­zes and awards e.g. in Rumia, Rze­szów, Kato­wi­ce, Toruń, Gnie­zno, Gło­gów, Szcze­cin, Olesz­na and in Olo­mo­uc (Czech Repu­blic).

On the occa­sions of the jubi­le­es of the­ir acti­vi­ty, the cho­ri­sters were hono­red with Bron­ze, Silver and Gold Bad­ges of the Polish Union of Cho­irs and Orche­stras, Gold Bad­ges with Lau­rel of Honor and Gold Bad­ges with the Lau­rel Wre­ath of Honor of the PUCO as well as with the Bad­ges of Merits in Polish Cul­tu­re gran­ted by the Mini­ster. In 2010, the Coir was awar­ded the Spe­cial Award of the Mini­ster of Cul­tu­re and Natio­nal Heri­ta­ge, Silver Bad­ge of the PUCO and the medal of the Merits for the Dio­ce­se of Zie­lo­na Góra and Gorzów which was awar­ded by Bishop Ste­fan Reg­munt. In 2015, the Cho­ir was also awar­ded Gold Col­lec­ti­ve Bad­ge on the occa­sion of the 30th anni­ver­sa­ry of the acti­vi­ty of the Cho­ir by the Polish Union of Cho­irs and Orche­stras.

The Beati Can­to­res Cho­ir issu­ed two records. The first, recor­ded in 2004, inc­lu­des Chri­st­mas carols, and the second one was issu­ed in 2005 on the occa­sion of the 20th anni­ver­sa­ry of the Cho­ir.

Sin­ce 1985, the Cho­ir is con­duc­ted by Mrs. Bar­ba­ra Walen­dzik, a gra­du­ate from the Sta­te Music Uni­ver­si­ty of Wro­cław. In 1966, she was among a gro­up of stu­dents of last gra­des of the Wro­cław Sta­te Music High Scho­ol who ente­red the then new­ly-esta­bli­shed cham­ber cho­ir Can­to­res Mino­res Wra­ti­sla­vien­ses for­med by Edmund Kaj­dasz, the legen­da­ry cho­ir­ma­ster. She hes for many years been teaching gene­ral music sub­jects and histo­ry of music at the F. Liszt Sta­te Music Scho­ol of the 1st and 2nd level in Gło­gów. She acti­ve­ly par­ti­ci­pa­tes in orga­ni­za­tion of the SILESIA CANTAT All-Poland Festi­val of Cho­irs and KRESY,Gło­gów Review of Polish Cul­tu­re. She is also the con­duc­tor of the Gau­dium Cho­ir asso­cia­ted with the Muni­ci­pal Cul­tu­re Cen­ter of Gło­gów. For her long-term pro­fes­sio­nal and social acti­vi­ty, she was awar­ded many times, e.g. Dio­ce­san Bad­ge of the Cross of Merit for the Church and Home­land, Medal of Honor of the Town of Gło­gów, Silver, Gold and Gold Bad­ge with Lau­rel of Honor of the PUCO, Bron­ze Medal Glo­ria Artis for Merits in Cul­tu­re and the title of the Hono­ra­ble Citi­zen of the Town of Gło­gów.